Who We Are

11 December 2014


We have used our 20 years of experience trading in chemical products, to develop a website which will quickly, simply and effectively assist companies in finding a trading partner.

The “SPOTCHEMI” portal is not a standard business forum, but an actual chemical marketplace, where businesses, after registration, can offer to buy and sell any chemical product they want. They can set their own prices and conditions, or can counter-offer on other users’ bids. Moreover, all commerce is conducted securely, with many registered companies being checked out by reputable credit control agencies.

All these processes operate globally, and even though the portal was only launched in the summer of 2014, the database already has over 140,000 chemical companies and contains a catalogue of more than 7,000 chemical products.

An easy to use system allows registered participants to publish inquiries, make offers, easily search for the chemicals they want to trade in and track pricing trends, in real time, from any internet connection, any where in the world.

Spotchemi a.s. is an independent economic entity, operating free of production issues, making it a vital marketing tool for anyone in the chemicals industry.

We strongly believe that this project will revolutionize the way you do business.

SPOTCHEMI is a website that connects the buyers and sellers of chemical products.

On our website sellers can offer a price for the sale of any chemical product. This offer will then be seen by all potential buyers in the chemical industry that are registered with us. Similarly, buyers can place a request and then receive offers to do business from possible sellers.

There are many advantages in using our service, including:


Only registered users can trade on our site. All users are quality controlled by renowned international auditors.


You will have access to an online overview of prices and trade tenders for chemical products that are in supply and demand across the planet.


You have instant, non-stop access to the trade floor, so a reliable transaction can be completed within a few minutes from any online computer, tablet or smartphone.

This site was created to answer your questions, suggestions, or comments. Please feel free to contact us or go directly to www.spotchemi.eu via the link below to find out more.

For telephone inquiries:

+420 228 800 800 (Mon-Fri 09:00-17:00 CET)

We look forward to hearing from you.